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Family Boatbuilding

Fun for the whole Family

Would you or your family like to build a boat like the ones below with expert supervision along with 5 other families? If so, sign up now for the Family Boatbuilding event at the Port Aransas plyWooden Boat Festival.

13 foot Low Powered Skiff

This fine little power skiff will handle up to a 5-HP outboard motor.  Your skiff will be built with marine plywood and other marine grade materials.  We will start the class with a pile of parts at 10:00 a.m. Saturday in a tent at Roberts Point Park and finish Monday afternoon with a maiden voyage in the harbor. Paint your boat when you get home and take it fishing, bird-watching or cruising. It can be carried in the back of a pickup truck or on the top of your car. The finished boat weighs about 100 pounds. click HERE to sign up for this boat

Quick Canoe 155
The Quick Canoe 155 comes from the drawing board of Australian designer Michael Storer. It is a simple to build yet capable canoe of the Pirogue family. The kit is built from marine grade miranti plywood and cypress timbers.  This boat is 15’5” and weighs in around 45 pounds.

Quick Canoe Electric
If you prefer a motorized craft, the Quick Canoe Electric may be just the thing (motor not included). At 15-1/2 feet this boat offers a quiet, effortless way to enjoy the fresh air, sun and water.
The price includes all materials except paint. All the boats will be constructied of quality marine plywood. Qualified instructors will be on hand to help. For more info on family boatbuilding, see below.
pick design

$695 per boat

Each family (it can be a single adult or up to 4 people including kids as young as 10) will build one of the boats above. Any of them can be carried in the back of a piccup truck or on top of a car. The boats all weigh well under 100 pounds.

We will start the class at 10:00 AM Saturday and finish on Monday afternoon with a maiden voyage in the harbor. Participation by family and friends are encouraged.

Each student will take home a completed unpainted boat at the end of the class. Materials will be provided. Below is a recommended but not mandatory tool list:

  • Hammer
  • Sharp block plane
  • Flexible blade flush cut saw or hand held electric sabre saw
  • Tape measure
  • Carpenters pencil
  • Caulking gun
  • 3/8" electric drill and assorted bit sizes
  • Impact screw driver
  • Framing square
  • Eye protection (safety glasses or goggles)
  • Power sanders orbital and or belt

Deadline for registration is September 19